OIR Group's team is made up of professionals committed to effective police oversight

with the expertise needed to tackle the most difficult challenges.


Contact Mr. Gennaco: michael.gennaco@oirgroup.com

Michael Gennaco is a nationally recognized expert on law enforcement reform and accountability systems.  He was the Chief Attorney of the Office of Independent Review for Los Angeles County and is a founding Principal of OIR Group. Mike has performed a number of monitoring tasks, audits and reviews for a federal judge, special masters, and other governmental entities.  read more


Contact Mr. Connolly: stephen.connolly@oirgroup.com

Stephen Connolly has been a Principal with OIR Group since 2001 and was an original member of the Los Angeles County Office of Independent Review. More recently, he served as the first Executive Director for the Orange County Office of Independent Review, which was formed in 2008 to monitor the third largest Sheriff's Department in California.  Prior to his work with OIR, Steve worked in private practice... read more


Contact Mr. Miller: robert.miller@oirgroup.com

Robert Miller was a founding member of OIR Group and the Office of Independent Review where he served as Deputy Chief for twelve years, and recently served as an Assistant Inspector General in the newly established LA County Office of Inspector General.  He has performed independent evaluations of police shootings, uses of force, internal investigation procedures, policy compliance and appropriate administration of discipline for cities and law enforcement agencies in California, Oregon and Washington State.  read more


Contact Ms. Ruhlin: julie.ruhlin@oirgroup.com

Julie Ruhlin has been a Principal with OIR Group since 2006 and has assisted numerous law enforcement agencies – including Portland (OR), Denver (CO), and Fullerton (CA) – with the review of officer-involved shootings and other uses of force, internal affairs investigations, policy development, and assessment of oversight systems.  Julie was a Deputy Chief Attorney for the Los Angeles County Office of Independent Review, where in addition to her regular responsibilities monitoring use of force incidents...  read more


Contact Ms. Magula: teresa.magula@oirgroup.com

Teresa has over 14 years of experience in investigation, research, and evaluation.  Teresa has worked in both the public and private sectors.  She worked in the Use of Force and Complaints Sections of the Los Angeles Police Department's Inspector General, and served on the LA County Citizen Commission on Jail Violence.  Teresa also served as an analyst for Mayor Villaraigosa's Performance Management Unit as a liaison between the LAPD and Mayor's Office.  read more



Through OIR Group’s years of experience at the forefront of professional civilian oversight of law enforcement, we have made innumerable contacts with former and current law enforcement executives, training staff, community leaders, statisticians, social scientists, mental health professionals, academics, and researchers.  We are proud that these distinguished experts regularly agree to work with us as advisors and consultants on particular projects.  Their contribution to our team allows us to tailor our staffing to meet the specific needs of each assignment.