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OIR group attorneys have provided training on a wide variety of legal and policy topics to law enforcement personnel engaged in patrol, investigative, internal affairs, juvenile detention, supervisory and policy making functions.  We have also led seminars for attorneys and civilian oversight professionals on police procedures, recruiting and promotion, officer rights, less lethal weapons policy and effective interaction with law enforcement agencies.  Below is a list of representative training projects.

NOVEMBER 2019: Facilitated Discussion: Investigating Officer-Involved Shootings, Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability, Chicago, IL

FEBRUARY 2019: Best Practices in Internal Police Investigations, Portland Police Bureau and Independent Police Review Internal Investigators, Portland, OR

MARCH 2018: Civilian Oversight of Police: Best Practices, Newark Police Review Board, Newark, NJ

APRIL 2017: Best Protocols Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations, Virginia Office of Attorney General, Richmond, VA

JUNE 2016: NAGTRI National Officer-Involved Shootings: Effective Practices and Protocols Symposium, Las Vegas, NV

FEBRUARY 2016: Best Practices in Internal Police Investigations, San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints, San Francisco, CA

MAY 2015: Oversight’s Rebuttal to “Force Science”: Implications for Police Accountability, Canadian Oversight of Law Enforcement (“CACOLE”), Ottawa, Canada

2014 - 2019: Civil Liability, Center for Criminal Justice (Peace Officer Standards and Training “POST”), Garden Grove, CA

2017 - 2019: First Level Supervisor Training, Center for Criminal Justice (Peace Officer Standards and Training “POST”), Dana Point, CA

2012: Best Practices in Investigating Officer-Involved Shootings, Independent Investigations Office, British Columbia

2010 - 2013: Overcoming the Code of Silence, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Galt, CA

2010 - 2014: First Level Supervisor Training, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles, CA

2012: Best Practices in Oversight and Internal Affairs Investigations, Mexican Federal Police, Internal Affairs Branch, Mexico City, Mexico

2012: Best Practices in Investigating and Reviewing Use of Force, California Department of Juvenile Justice, Camarillo, CA

2009: Best Practices: Civilian Oversight of Police, Riverside Police Review Board, Riverside, CA

2008 - 2011: Conducting Internal Police Investigations, Los Angeles, CA


2006: Best Practices in Oversight and Police, Istanbul, Turkey

2003: Civil Rights, Chapman University School of Law, Orange, CA

2002: Civilian Oversight of Police, IACP

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