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LAS CRUCES POLICE DEPARTMENT: OIR Group presented its first semiannual report to the Las Cruces City Council.

IOWA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT: Iowa City's City Council commissioned OIR Group to do an independent investigation of the police response to a recent Black Lives Matter demonstration, including an evaluation of the use of tear gas and flash bang munitions by law enforcement and recommendations for the future.

BURBANK POLICE DEPARTMENT: OIR Group recently completed its sixth monitoring report on the Burbank PD and presented its findings and recommendations to the Burbank City Council.

PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU: In January 2019, OIR Group presented its sixth report on the tactics, training and policy aspects of recent officer-involved shootings to the Portland City Council with findings with analysis and recommendations.

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OREGON SHERIFF'S OFFICE: OIR Group performed a broad-based review of  internal investigation and supervision policies and practices at the Sheriff's Office in the wake of the criminal prosecution of a Sheriff's Detective for failing to investigate sex and child abuse cases.

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT: The City of Davis, CA appointed OIR Group principal Michael Gennaco as interim police auditor in January 2018 to review the Police Department’s internal investigations.  His new report evaluates officers' conduct at a controversial incident during the City's annual Picnic Day celebration.

SACRAMENTO SHOOTING REVIEW: The city manager of Sacramento has asked OIR Group to review the William Mann officer-involved shooting, a critical incident that received national attention after video was released. We will also review a previous fatal officer-involved shooting at the City's request.  OIR Group's report, findings and recommendations will be made public.

ANAHEIM POLICE DEPARTMENT: During a period of significant self-evaluation by the City over issues of civilian oversight of police, OIR has completed another wide-ranging evaluation of police shootings and other critical incidents, uses of force and internal affairs investigations. In recent years Anaheim has moved forward to make these reports available to the public.

MADISON, WI POLICE DEPARTMENT: In the fall of 2016, the City of Madison authorized a comprehensive study of its Police Department and selected OIR Group to perform it.  Our new report culminates the year-long project, and offers 146 recommendations in the areas of internal operations and external community relations.

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